Dense urethane rubber Glock hand gun allows realistic handling, semi ridged the whole gun is forgiving in close quarter situations, the trigger has been “blocked in” reducing potential trapping of fingers, the finger guard can be cut away with a craft knife if additional trigger finger safety is required during weapon retention training or hand to hand action sequences. It has moulded detailing including sights, safety buttons and textured handle, it is supplied in a neutral dark blue finish, and can be painted or coloured for realistic effect on film or stage.
Size approximately 21cm x 14cm x 3cm.
Weight approximately 354 grams

Glock Pistol

  • Care should be taken when storing props of any kind, invariably even though they look real they will react very differently to the real thing, for instance foam bricks will become crushed and distorted if stored under heavy objects and should be stored away from heat sources. So please refer to and implement any instructions that may be supplied with any particular prop.

    Any prop weapon that can be mistaken for a real weapon comes with serious responsibilities.
    The carrying of such items in public is considered to be against the law and can carry substantial fines, or imprisonment. Do not wield or carry such items in public, even as a prank, law enforcement can and do treat such items as “the real thing” and in certain situations resulting actions have been known to result in fatal confrontations. Remember any role-play, re-enactment, or physical interaction with weapons or props of any kind can be dangerous, when using any item from our website to enhance your roleplay, training or any experience you must evaluate and assess if the particular item is suitable. When using swords, knives or any other item an inherent danger exists, even with items described as “safe” or “prop” items and as such expert advice and risk assessments should be carried out by a qualified person before use. Correct personal protection should always be used including eyewear, do not leave access to any Ultimyth product by unsupervised children or unqualified adults. Whist every effort is made to ensure Ultimyth products are fit for purpose nothing supplied is totally indestructible and no guarantees are given as to the longevity or life expectancy of any particular product.