Full steam ahead while you wear a puzzled industrial look on your face, hide your identity in plain sight with this Victorian gothic steampunk mask. With the appearance of weathered iron & steel, this cyber reminiscent mask is decorated in cogs, pipes and gears, as if a part of some mysterious race of semi mechanised humans. The right eye is protected by a screen of wire mesh, while everything below the left eye is simply missing, two puzzle pieces are embedded in the forehead raising the level of mystery and unanswered questions to a whole new level. This mask ties with an elastic strap and can be worn or even employed in the creation and dressing of Steam headwear to showcase your own creative steam flare.

Mechanical Phantom Mask

  • These masks are handmade and there are a selection of parts which are added to the main mask section, therefore slight differences in design & finish will be unavoidable. Size 17cm