The HY015B is a spring airsoft 6mm BB gun. 1/1 full scale this gun has an overall length 62cm and has accurate moulding in JBBG orange and black and it has features including a tactical fixed stock that can be removed for transportation. It also features a front grip with built in LED push button blue night flashlight , this slides on to the under rail system. It has 2 rail covers fixed on each side of the gun's rail system. Although scope is a dummy with no actual targeting capability or red dot function, the weapons pin sights are good. The gun has a cocking handle located on the front left making it easy to set the gun ready to fire. The magazine has a 14 round capacity and is easy to reload at any time. This is a fantastic and inexpensive airsoft BB gun that looks tactical and will give hours of action. Shoots 6mm BBs
Please note no laser is supplied with this gun
Under Section 36 of the VCR act it is a criminal offence to alter the appearance or paint on a colour of an imitation firearm to make it into a realistic imitation firearm.
Under the VCRA Bill 2006, it is illegal to buy or sell an airsoft gun to anyone under the age of 18 years.


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  • What is a BB gun?

    BB guns use air and spring power and are intended for general target practice. They use 6mm plastic BB bullets (small balls) and are totally harmless providing our safety information is observed.


    How old do you need to be to buy a BB gun?

    You must be 18 years old to purchase a BB gun and all orders are only accepted on the condition customers have read our safety information before purchasing.

    What age limit to operate a BB gun?

    BB guns are suitable for persons 14 and above, however we strongly recommend that they are supervised by an adult i.e. 18 and above.

    How do I know that the BB gun I purchase is legal in the UK?

    All of our BB guns UK legal, guns must be brightly coloured to avoid being mistaken for a genuine weapon. It is now only illegal to sell black guns that could be mistaken for the real thing.