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A fantastic fantasy accessory featuring metallic finished skeletal hand with claw like nails hacked from some unknown hideous humanoid gothic creature still clutching onto its precious red crystal orb. The shaft of the cane is made from strong hollow metal rod and finished in black with a moulded feature around the end.

Skull Hand Swagger Cane

£29.00 Regular Price
£27.99Sale Price
  • Swagger canes are designed to look great and bring an air of embellishment to any event! They are not intended to be weight bearing walking aids and should not be used as such, i.e. they are not walking sticks.

    Cleaning can be done with any soft cloth, warm water and good house hold furniture polish, don’t use any abrasive or spirit based cleaners.  

  • Swagger Canes are the perfect accessory for Gothic, Steampunk, and Wiccan or in fact any theme you want to add that finishing touch to.
    These canes vary in length from 85 cm to 1m and have a hollow metal shaft, the handles are made from either decorative resin or metal, all canes have a rubber tip and some also have decorative embellishments at the tip. Swaggering canes are just that and are not designed to be walking aids or to support a person’s weight.

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